We need a PR campaign if we want to win the Bitcoin war of 2014.

If there was any doubt that a Bitcoin war was started in December 2013 the events of the last few weeks should put that faint hope to rest.  The enemy is diverse, well funded and they have a common enemy — bitcoins. We are, on the other hand are politically innocent.  We do not even see what is happening and my worst fear is that we will lose this war without ever firing a shot.  The public image of bitcoin is under attack and right now we are losing the war of public and consumer opinion.

Look at the facts: 1) Apple has banned Bitcoin wallets 2) Russia has banned Bitcoin 3) Global exchanges are under a Denial of Service Attack 4) Governments are arresting anyone off side  with the laws and 5) The large banks are attacking Bitcoin and 6) The mainstream media is starting to smell blood in the water and they have the full support of their bankers and government officials.  It feels every time we stick our head up we get shot at from somewhere new.  If it makes you feel better this is what it feels like to have a transformational technology at the right time and the right place.

What happened?  Remember the when the curiosity and excitement got us caught up in the concept of digital currencies?  The last few months have been a slap in the face to all of us and we have been caught unprepared for the realities of the big bad world of competition and financial monopolies.

For example, we as a group were so dumbfounded by Apple that we ignored the the Apple issue, except to fire a few bullets through some iPhone 4’s.   Our sentiments come from our hearts , not our heads , and in a war situation that mistake can be very costly.   We are forgetting that we need the general public  needs to believe in Bitcoin as a viable alternative to fiat and right now that belief is being undermined at every turn of the news cycle. The solution is simple —  BITCOIN needs a massive Public Relations Campaign.

In this post  I am calling for all bitcoiners to come together and support a PR campaign managed by the  Bitcoin Foundation .   We need to get Bitcoin back on the right side of the ledger when it comes to public sentiment. It will not be cheap but when we are defending an eight Billion dollar market cap it should be easy to raise .5% or forty million to wage a serious PR campaign.

OK full disclosure: I am old-timer having built my business on the PC wave starting in 1982, going into politics in 2006 and, worst  of all, I am Irish and I like a good fight — you’re all bright and your keen, now go fight the war. Let’s get a few more articles like this.


http://www.freedompress.ca/Ethical-Entrepreneurship-by-Larry-OBrien-9781927684016.htm …


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