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Entrepreneur, Politician ,  Author

Mayor of Ottawa 2006-2010

 Public Speaker: Technology,  Entrepreneurship, Bitcoins and the Future

Larry speaks on starting your own business, going public, surviving politics and protecting wealth in a world of filled with turmoil. His unique experience in technology, business and politics has created an economic prospective of the world that combines the values of business with the realities of politics. His reflections upon the differences between politics and business are insightful, humorous and always very entertaining and thought provoking. His thoughts on the future of our economy, society and politics is outlined in his blog and his writings.  Since early  2012 Larry has been following and investing in Bitcoins for fun and profit and he is a true believer in the opportunity to  liberate trillions of wasted dollars into the economy.


After graduating in Physics Technology Larry worked for Microsystems International in the early days of semiconductor design and then applied this expertise to a number of Government secure radio  communications projects in the mid seventies.  Larry was an active Ham and currently has the call sign VA3 NTP.

Larry founded Calian Technologies Ltd. with a mere $35 investment in 1982.  Today Calian has sales over $225 M and is one of the most highly respected public dividend paying companies in Canada.  As CEO Larry took Calian public in 1993 and managed numerous acquisitions while continually growing the value of Calian over 25 years. Calian was the second company he started: the first company, Insta-Call was started in 1979.     Lessons learned in the first start-up paved the way for Calian Techologies growth and success.  Larry believes in strong values and a rebirth of ethics in business and politics as the baseline for a better future.

After his retirement from Calian in 2006 Larry ran for Mayor of his home town, Ottawa, and turned a 3% name recognition into a blazing landslide victory in 2006.   Larry enjoyed four years of being Mayor of the City that is Grandfather came to in 1848 and he is now a happy ex-politician enjoying life and working with a number of organizations to build a better world. Larry has remarried to Colleen McBride and has two adult children; Michael and Matthew.

Larry recently published a book  ”Ethical Entrepreneurship”  that is a guideline for building a sustainable business using ethics as the platform for growth.    Larry’s book “Ethical Entrepreneurship” has become a bestseller in Canada. For the last few years Larry has become an advocate for bitcoin as a major tool to unlock value in North America.  He also enjoys  helping start-ups on their quest for growth.


Ottawa Business person of the Year 1996

Ontario Premiers Technology winner 1997

United Way Person of the Year 2006




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  1. Justin 27 July 2012 at 2:47 am #

    Hi Larry,
    I am a huge Glen Beck Follower and can’t go to Restoring Love and saw your post that you are there. My family and I can’t make it but I know it will be an everlasting life changing moment! I saw that you are from Ottawa. We are living in Toronto now since last July through my husband’s work and will be here for another year before going back home to Indiana. I just wanted to say hi and I hope you and your wife have an exceptional time. Sincerely Jody

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