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How to Build a Company that will Last Forever

Happy New Year’s and a Prosperous 2015 ! I hope you will enjoy my little gift to those that want to be an entrepreneur.  This post will tell you how simple it is to build a company that will last forever and make you wealthy.  Read and see.  The best is yet to come for […]


We need a PR campaign if we want to win the Bitcoin war of 2014. If there was any doubt that a Bitcoin war was started in December 2013 the events of the last few weeks should put that faint hope to rest.  The enemy is diverse, well funded and they have a common enemy […]

ETHICAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP …   Hard on the heels of the worst economic debacle in a century, economists are predicting yet another crisis. What can you do? Larry O’Brien, former Ottawa mayor and founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar international high-tech company, has some sage but practical advice: take control of your destiny and create your own successful business. […]

Creating Your Passion to Succeed

The first step in Deciding to Succeed is creating  your passion to succeed.    We all understand that to succeed your passion must always be high.  Intensity needs to soar over a long period, through the ups and downs of life and through the victories and defeats of your mission.   You will need to […]

Success Can Be Learned

I learned how to succeed through failure.  Just as a toddler takes his/her first steps and stumbles to the ground, through trial and error, the child finally accomplishes the triumphant task of learning to walk.  My first company Insta-Call failed.  Through a challenging process of enlightenment, I made the conscious decision to assess and evaluate […]

Stand on Guard for Thee

This is a modified version of a speech I gave August 14 at the SSN  Boys and Girls Club charity golf tourney. Tonight, I would  like to share my views as a former  business man and a former mayor of the capital city of Canada, on  Canada, Christianity  how they relate to our national anthem. […]

Restoring Love — A Joyful Event

I was asked this morning to sum up what the Glenn Beck “ Restoring Love “ event was all about and the answer was stunningly simple — A Sense of Community.   It was good not to feel alone in the concerns both Colleen and I had about politics, culture and the economy and it […]

The Blame Game!

Colleen and I are in Dallas for the “Restoring Love “ event hosted by Glenn Beck and we had the day to tour around the Dallas Fort Worth and we were very impressed with the positive upbeat attitude of the people who live here.  We went to a part of town called Grapevine; it wasn’t […]

Happy Birthday America

On this wonderful July 4,  2012, I thought I would wish our American friends a Happy Birthday and a sincere thank you for all that the U.S.A. has brought to our world and our way of life.  We owe you so much!

Get Prepared for a Banking Crisis in Canada!

About a year ago I posted a blog suggesting in the gentlest terms that we should all have a little cash around in case of  trouble with the banking system.  The title was “Get Prepared! Something wicked this way comes”  I have reposted as a page for your convenience. Today I  upgrade that warning from […]