Our Worst Fear

This is a story of  2013 to 2017 as told by a communications technologist  looking back on the five year anniversary  of the reelection of President Obama in 2012.

 The Great Crash of 2014

As written by Brian O’Leary  November 10, 2017:

My goodness four years has passed quickly and what a ride it has been; life has changed and I think much for the better.   I remember that the economy dove quickly starting in the late fall of 2014, liquidly in the banks seized up when the two more  European countries defaulted on their sovereign debt , which eventually resulted in a partial global meltdown in the banking system.  Italy and Spain both owed more than a trillion dollars and the Central bankers had no easy solutions since the cash required to save the system was simply out of reach for any of the major world economies but they muddled through and after the haircuts were taken it seemed for a while that we might just make it through the crisis.  In fact,  things were looking up and we were just starting to relax.

But, just when we thought the worst was over all banks were hit by a computer virus that added hundreds of Billions of cash into the accounts of hundreds of thousand of people and erased banking records of major debtors; a group called Anonymous took credit and there was a Nation wide Bank holiday for two months while the bankers made order out of chaos. There were some who believed that Anonymous could not have pulled it off on their own and they may have been right in hindsight but it turned out to be for the best in the long run and we are happy now and that is what counts.

Those two months, were the hardest in recorded history and that pushed the economy over the edge and the resulting hardships were of biblical proportions with food shortages, riots, and mass civil strife all over the world. They were tough times and we all suffered; for a short while it really did look like the end of America and all of us did things we were not proud of later.   Bit by bit though, the system was put back together and today we all feel blessed to be alive in America.   We all owe President Obama a debt of gratitude as he guided us through the turmoil to this happy ending.

At The Grocery Store

The horrible memories are now dimming and today the sun is shining and the food is now readily available, expensive yes, but available on a regular basis either through the new food stamp program or by paying cash.  Our family was unlucky enough to  still pay by cash and we have to wait to get on the stamp program until our gold is all converted.  I was a gold bug and that was great in early days of progressive change process; but with the new food stamps and gold regulations it was becoming a drag to redeem an ounce of gold standing in line to get $55,000  to buy our families food.  It seemed like such a good idea in 2012 to own gold; but now thanks to the new Government regulations it is much easier to use food stamps in the Government run Grocery store; but at least food is on the shelves and we are happy again in North America.

Bread looks affordable today at $129 for a loaf of whole wheat and Peanut butter is finally available at $350 for the large container and that is good because the kids have not had this combination for two months and they will be happy for sure.   As we stroll past what is left of the pet food section (most pets have been put down or simply abandoned) we notice cans of pet food cost $89 per four ounce can; another slight decrease since last month.  It is becoming clear that prices are starting to stabilize: it has been a tough five years for food and energy with gas rising to  $499 per gallon at the peak and now feeling very affordable at $187 per gallon for regular.

Life is starting feel better now; inflation has settled down to 35% this year and forecast to drop to 23% in 2018.   They say that inflation will cease once all the gold is owned by the Government and we are happy that we only have seventeen ounces left to spend before we can get on the food stamp program.   The Government news network tells us that the last gold will be transferred to the Government by 2020 and then   life will get back to normal, well maybe better then normal after the pandemic.

The 2014/5 Ebola Virus Flu was both a tragedy and a blessing.  It was  deadly to the plus sixty years old crowd; opening up jobs, for the younger people, in almost all areas of the economy.  The baby boom generation almost disappeared in six months and mass burials were common place.  The pandemic  gave Government pension plans some breathing room, killing off many of the beneficiaries and after Federal Legislation eliminated spouse survivor benefits the Federal Government was out of all pension obligations.   The Government was getting stronger and we were starting to feel better but our real break had come in 2012.  That was the election where America changed directions; and we are all better off today then we ever thought we could be during the economic collapse.

In the 2012 election it became clear that the choice was between big Government and smaller Government, between austerity and monetization of our debt and between the status quo and a new world of increased Government support.

When America reelected Obama everyone knew what to expect and after the 2014 results the Democrats had the tools to make their agenda law: the American people had decided that big Government was the solution and the second term President was happy to fulfill their dreams.  What was needed was more Government money and  the Federal Reserve was happy to comply; the money printing machine was turned on.  The progressive policies dominated the agenda and to hungry people these policies were  very attractive.

Obama  knew how to keep the masses happy by using the Government money and by the end of 2015 over 150 million Americans were raving about the new super food stamps that made sure everyone had good nutritious food; but that was just the beginning of a new way of life in America. Many changes happened very quickly and fortunately President Obama made the right moves as he  built the New Order in America.  All of us started to feel like very lucky people and we were thankful that we had a strong and caring Government.

After it was decided to allow Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to buy all the houses that were in arrears;  the Federal Government quickly owned over eighty-five percent of all residences in America.  In a brilliant political move, these houses were then rented back to the original owners at rates ranging from zero to a few hundred dollars a month and the public was over joyed at their good fortune.  Who needed to own a house when the Government was literally giving them to you to use for free.    The rest of the real estate market collapsed quickly and within two years the Government owned all housing in America. It was a great time to be an American: the Government was finally looking after us.

After Obama beefed up the Health Care system the lucky Citizens of the United States were getting great free health care, good food and housing from the Federal Government and we were very happy and very thankful.   Hardly anyone batted an eye when all industries  (EXCEPT BANKS) were nationalized in 2016.  After all it was those capitalist speculators that had caused all this mess to begin with and the money for our food, housing and medical supplies had to come from somewhere, may as well be from the 1%.  Domestically we were at peace and it certainly seemed like internationally life was good too. It is a good thing those banks were on our side.

The relationship with Canada was troublesome for a while, but after Canada was annexed, to ensure a stable source of water and energy, the Canadians became our good friends again.  I hear there is still a little trouble in what used to be called Quebec, but the majority of Canadians are a mild people and from the pictures in the paper they are very happy and healthy.  I guess they were all quickly seduced by the free rent and super food stamps so life started to get better for them as well.  We do not hear much about the rest of the world anymore after the Caliphate took over Africa and the Middle East.  There was reports in 2013 about another war in Israel  and something called a Caliphate which Obama is a member , but  there has been no mention lately, so we must assume it all worked out well for them.  The German Commonwealth is now our friend and partner in the New World Order and we have regular State Visits from their Leaders.  The German Commonwealth is certainly much better than the old European Union because the EU was never able to solve their economic problems and it wasn’t until the Germans took over that  they stabilized and could feed the Southern Europeans again.

So here we are in 2017 and I am looking forward to spending the last of my gold so that I can get on the Government food stamp program. Employment is not an issue any more and I have just been told that my skills are needed in Kentucky so we will be moving there within a few months: it wasn’t my first choice  but the central planning committee told me it was mandatory.  I have been told that it is for the common good and that makes me feel needed.  Of course travel is provided for us and our house and extra food stamps are waiting  for us when we arrive so we are very grateful.  I will only have to work four days a week and my family and I will live well and the school system is said to be fantastic. I love this Country and President Obama!

Life is simpler now and many of the distractions that used to complicate our lives are now gone.  I hear that the election we skipped in 2016 is going to occur in 2018 when the new constitution is finished.   Gone are the days of endless debate and turmoil in Washington and the money saved not having State and Municipal elections goes along way to paying for our food and accommodations in this peaceful new world we live in.  The Federal Government has appointed the Mayors and the State Governors and that seems to be working  quite well. Why just last week I was asked to sign a petition to ask President Obama to stay on for life and with all this peace and increased order I think that is a very good idea.  God Bless America.

Yours in the common good

Brian O’Leary




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