Rumors of War III

The words from the Muslim Brotherhood are frightening  and they call for the death of western civilization.  Their words are clear straightforward and I believe them.  I think you should hear their words but be careful, since you could end up suffering from the hands of the main stream media (MSM). […]

The Titanic and Our Future

Over the last eighteen months since I have been out of office I have spent much of my waking hours trying to evaluate our economy and what that future looks like. […]


Happy Easter everybody and I would like to share an Easter   story from the seventies.

I was a teenager in the wild sixties and before you ask, yes I did inhale;  but I digress.   The transition from the fifties to the sixties was turbulent : as a child in the fifties we grew up in a time of trust and a time of plenty and even the poor folks like us lived a good and simple life. […]

BRICS, Greenbacks and GOLD

While nobody was looking last month five leading nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa —  decided to start their own financial system with a development bank funded exclusively by their nations[…]

Budget, LRT and Brian Guest

A little catch up to do after a few months off.   I would first like to thank the Ottawa Citizen for apologizing for the article written by Kate Heartfield.  Unfortunately the damage done by a lie is hard to undo with an apology but I have licked my wounds and now want to move on. […]

About Larry

Physics Technologist, Semiconductor design, Secure Communications  1971-1982

Founder Chair and CEO of Calian Technologies Ltd. 1982-2006

Mayor of Ottawa 2006-2010

 Public Speaker: Technology,  Entrepreneurship, Politics and the Future


Super Grid

Time to Have a Vision!

I think it’s safe to say we have some global economic problems that are not  going away anytime soon.  We have spent our way into a big global financial hole and right now it appears with QE’s and Twists  we are trying to dig our way out of this hole by printing money at record rates and devaluing the worth of our paper currency. […]

Capitalism 2.0

Yesterday, Klaus Schwab, the Chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum, the annual meeting of business and political leaders in  Davos Switzerland called for a complete overhaul of the Capitalist system.  To that I say; it’s about time! […]

Canada 2.0 The Future Looks BRIGHT!

The world economy is a mess and will only get fixed when the European and American economies are restructured to promote entrepreneurship and reduce Government spending. There appears to be no political will (other then in Canada) to attempt this restructuring and that is the benefit of having a strong Conservative Government at this time.  The Government spending cutbacks we will see in the coming years are an absolute necessity in order to leave Canada better then we baby boomers found it.  That is the Canadian way , is it not?  I believe it is and so I am supporting these  changes to our Countries spending habits with 100% of my energies. […]

Tycoon Socialism — Time to Bring it to an End

I am a Capitalist , a business man and a former politician who is losing faith in our political will to enforce the hard reality of capitalism: failure is needed to maintain healthy economic growth and improvement in our quality of life and standard of living. […]