Restoring Love — A Joyful Event

I was asked this morning to sum up what the Glenn Beck “ Restoring Love “ event was all about and the answer was stunningly simple — A Sense of Community.   It was good not to feel alone in the concerns both Colleen and I had about politics, culture and the economy and it was so satisfying to share my prospectives with fellow travelers and be understood. There was joy in the eyes of so many people throughout the three day event of service and charity and hope was everywhere.

We all believed in God; all were concerned about the degeneration of values in society; and all of us felt that turmoil was heading our way.  Having said that, nobody I met was a doom and gloom type of person but we all felt something was missing in our lives and the Restoring Love event was filling a void and giving us hope.   We were not alone searching for a response to the social, political and economic risks facing America (includes Canada) and our quest had led Colleen and I to Dallas where we were with kindred spirits and we felt safe.  In short  we felt a wonderful sense of community. There is no more powerful feeling than to feel understood and to be part of something that is valid and valuable.

If you missed it, here is the link.




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