The Blame Game!

Colleen and I are in Dallas for the “Restoring Love “ event hosted by Glenn Beck and we had the day to tour around the Dallas Fort Worth and we were very impressed with the positive upbeat attitude of the people who live here.  We went to a part of town called Grapevine; it wasn’t the 1800‘s main street that won us over but rather the people we met — they were happy, upbeat and full of life.  It was fun, but a little disconcerting too: we were not used to happy people!

That led to a conversation in a little cafe about how much complaining we were reading in the media, hearing on the radio and watching on TV.  We concluded that the blame and complain game has blossomed into an obsession.  Everyone was involved!  A common theme seems to be “Someone has to pay” for this mess I/we find ourselves in and it covers a giant range of global and local blames and complaints!  The Christians blame the Muslims; the 99% blame the 1%; the political parties blame each other; companies blame the Unions who blame the capitalists who blame the left wing media who blame everyone they can and someone needs to pay for what ails us!  I could go on since blaming is really a target rich environment  when you are looking to find fault with in our world today.  The questions we asked were: Why is that and what is the matter?

Whatever the matter is, we do not seem to get any corrective actions from our politicians, our churches or our industry leaders. They either don’t notice the same problems or they feel it isn’t their fault either.  We seem to be quite alone and we also seem to be powerless to stop it; or are we?  I think I stumbled across the problem and also the solution on this trip to the land of the free and the solution is simple — not easy but simple for sure.

I warn you that what I am about to say will likely disturb you immensely.  What I am going to suggest to you is going to upset your very foundation as a middle class North American.  I never want to be accused of being a racist, but the truth here needs to be spoken.  It will be disturbing.  At the very least it will make you very mad: I know since I fit into that category and it made me mad as hell.  The cause of all are complaints seems to rest on a single category of North American resident. The culprit is the entitled middle class Christians who in the face of all these challenges is playing the blame and complain game instead of taking responsibility and accountability for the problems.  There I said it, we saw the enemy and he is us. We have simply lost touch with core values that were made strong during the past century and instead of living the better lives of higher values, we are making sure we get our fair share of the spoils regardless of the costs.  I hope this does not upset you.

Did I tell you that guilty people are often angry people.

We need to get back to the basic morals that underpin our Judea Christian heritage which are the basis of our freedoms.  Without these values we will continue to make wrong choices and continue to drown in the blame and complain game that consumes us.  I have a simple solution that will take only a few seconds to tell you and it will change your life.

It’s a simple solution.   That’s right.  Get back to your basic, industrious and self reliant person and make honest, long-term, value added and prudent choices for you and your family.  You will feel better; I guarantee it!  This is all written in the bible.  So if you need a reminder, you might get back to church too!   Ok, todays thoughts from Dallas are complete. Have a great day.





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